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  • Assured return Plan is a plan that attracts buyers faster than any other payment plan. It is one of the safest and low-risk investment or Payment plans. Assured Return Plan are given by the builders to the investors or end users who invest in their under construction or Pre-launched/ New Launched projects. These projects are having commercial properties like office or retail shops in Business/IT Park, Malls, Shopping Complexes or Service Apartments.
  • Assured Return Plans gives investment security to the senior citizens by offering them a fix income every month. The people investing in Assured Return plans are mainly retired citizens, NRIs and all those who want to invest in the commercial property.
  • Assured Return Plan is scheme in which developer's gives interest or return on money invested by an investor at an agreed rate of interest.
  • Assured Return plan also has the concept of capital appreciation involved. Capital appreciation means the rise in the value of a property based on the appreciation in market price. The rate of return assured to the buyer is decided by the developer and usually fixed in advance and offered to all the clients investing in that particular project.
  • Recently developers started new term EPR (Early Payment Rebate) which is working same as Assured Returns but only difference is Returns in EPR are tax free because these payments you will get are in terms of Discount not in term of Intrest. The X mall and Signature Mall are having EPR calculations.

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Our Agents are available to give you necessary information related to commercial development in Noida .For any requirement related to Commercial Properties like office space, retail space, shops, showrooms, service apartments, commercial land/plot etc. we are having expertise in Noida and Greater Noida Commercial Projects. Our Commercial Property Dealers/Ajents/experts are having more than Eight year experience in real estate market. Feel free to discuss your requirements with us. 

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